A not-so-Love-Story (Part 2)

A not-so-Love-Story Part 1

June 2012

I never heard from sweets again after that until June 2012. He asked me to meet him for dinner and I did, it was so nice! The next week he asked me to….. Ok here it is the BIG test….

He asked me to help him clean his house because he was moving. Seriously. It actually happened.

But I did! haha I don’t even know why I agreed to it. It was the most absurd thing I had been asked but I went, and it was fun! Shortly after that I offered him a summer teaching  job at my school. Then God really took over.

The teaching  job was at the elementary school but I teach at the pre-school. So that means I would see him at most a few minutes a week..if that. So it was safe to offer him the job. He had no plans that summer and wanted to earn  money while he was off work. We needed a teacher for two months.

God totally had that thing worked out! It just so happened that for a number of reasons the school decided that I also needed to take my preschool class to the elementary school and teach the summer classes there along with my own class for the next two months. That put us as the only two teachers at the school! Prepping together, having meetings together and spending quite a bit of time together. It was also a great time for him to see what I am all about – MY KIDS! I have no idea why God is so gracious that way to have worked that out the way He did, but I will ever be thankful and in awe at the way He just simplifies things like this!

He and I met for dinner most evenings after work, we had dates and walks, many walks each evening for hours we would talk and walk around the city.

Then on August 13th Sweets asked me to be his GF. I seriously thought he was going to break up with me. I expected it and could tell he wanted to chat. I braced myself for the …”its been nice but I can just see that your not what I’m looking for.” But instead he asked me to be his GF! I was really excited and shocked! I just couldn’t believe it!

September 2012 We bought plane tickets to go back to North America and meet the families. We will spend 9 days in MO and 5 days in Canada. I am extremely nervous about Christmas morning with his family but so very excited to meet his family, friends and see where he is from.

Since then we have been going strong, walking, and talking and pouring our hearts out. Learning about each other and figuring out this whole relationship thing.

We speak about marriage often, and if God’s willing, I have already decided to give my heart to this man…. if he feels lead in the same way. So this blog is my preparation curriculum! I will be studying so much to prepare and become the best wife that I can be. I have so much to learn and I know that after the wedding there will be even more to learn and study!


A not-so-Love-Story (Part 1)

He found me. I will always say it that way. For a number of reasons this is fitting. For starters the bible is packed full of verses referring to a man “finding a good wife” ect.. So on the surface it’s how God writes it anyhow. But for me its much more than that. I was lost. (Not physically!) but I was lost in love and relationships. I was wandering around hopeless and aimless. He found me.

Also when we met.. I was definitely not looking for him…the story isn’t nearly as amusing without the background, but basically I moved to Japan a few years ago, fell in love with the country, and my new life here and I was looking for love to tack on to that. I wanted my current life +1.
But being in Japan and wanting to stay here…indefinitely I was looking for J-Love! I planned to marry a Japanese guy, get my permanent visa, and have little half-J babies! It was a great dream!

March 27th 2012 Sweets and I met at a friends b-day party. I saw him when my friend and I walked in. He had a handsome face, I noticed it. But I was NOT thinking past that. I should get Sheila on here to tell the story… she saw it all and I was totally oblivious to it.

Anyhow, I was talking to other people – he was listening. A few minutes later he suddenly interrupted the conversation to confirm if I was a Christian. I said I was and he started to chat with me a bit. Basic stuff. I didn’t even notice really.  He told me about teaching at the Christian school and I was interested to hear about THE STUDENTS! haha but needless to say at the end of the day he asked me for a date and my number.

I was NOT wanting to give it to him. This was like a detour for me, a waste of both our time, after all I was going to be marrying a J-boy and so why on earth would I need to give my number or have dinner with a white boy?!

Sheila made me give my number. She did. I was trapped between his request and her jabbing me and glaring at me.

We had our dinner date April 1st 2010. It was TERRIBLE! No Joke. (At least for me).

To begin he brought me to a Japanese restaurant. (I don’t eat that much Japanese food) Our conversation was bland and forced. After dinner we went for a coffee and though that was maybe the “nicest” part, when the night was getting to an end he quickly said good-bye and practically ran across the street as fast as he could.

Of course that was the beginning and the end. I never intended to hear from him again, and if I did I never intended to be free because clearly that was the worst date I should ever have to endure, and I would be silly to want to do that again!

He never called. No big shocker.

January 2011…..

We met again, with the same mutual friends it was bound to happen. We chatted briefly. He said “we should meet up sometime” I said “been there done that”.

September 2011….I started Japanese school. Sweets was there! “Oh geesh!” I thought, and then we would chat between classes and have short conversations. I was in a “relationship” with a nice J-boy so I definitely was NOT even considering him as a possibility. (J-boy and I ended this same month)

November 2011 we went to dinner with some classmates. It was fun but …. he’s American! I started praying more diligently for the right Christian J-boy.

December 2011 He sent me a Christmas card from America. It made me confused but smile. I tossed it out around the end of January but apparently I changed my mind as I still have it! I do remember vaguely having this “just in case thought” but I kept my prayers on my J-plan and didn’t give God any other option at that point.

January 1st 2012 we spent new years day together. Had lunch and went to karaoke it was tons of fun!! That night at church I wrote my new years prayers and thanks to God for an awesome year (we write them every new yrs’ Sunday and then read them the following year to see what God has done in our lives and the prayers we were expecting for the year ect..) I wrote mine, then put it in the box…then took it out and wrote a small little side note add-on to it documenting that Sweets and I had hung out that day and I wanted to document it “just in case”.

June 2012: I never heard from him again after that until June 2012. He asked me to meet him for dinner and I did, it was so nice! The next week he asked me to….. Ok here it is the BIG test….

a not-so-Love-Story Part 2