Commit to Submit

This has been my slogan for sometime now. Its catchy isn’t it? 🙂

The Lord put this on my heart months before I even met him.  I bought a book called Absolute Surrender by Andrew Murray. It was excellent, I highly recommend it! Its short and sweet but packed full of good Biblical advice. I knew there were issues in my heart about surrendering to God. I had my plans after all!

As I began to get things right with God in this area and learned to surrender to Him more frequently, easily and naturally I felt that He began to talk to me about my ability to submit.

This word has always rubbed me the wrong way. Especially as I have been single for all the years of my adult life. I moved to Japan on my own, got a great job, and take care of myself  in everything. I depend on no one except the Lord; and He more than takes care of me! Submission is not natural for me.

The very word made me cringe. But I do know that if I ever want to be someone’s wife than I need to learn this because it’s the way the Lord planned out our roles in a marriage.

Let me clarify for a second because so many people do not understand submission at all. Most think it’s a negative word and even Christians I know look at it from a negative perspective. But this is God’s Word! We must understand it in the context and the way HE intended it, not the way our society has turned it around into trash talk.

As a woman God calls us to submit to our husband. ( Ephesians 5:22-24, Colossians 3:18-19)Now this of course would be MUCH easier to do with a loving, Godly man as head of your household.
That means that he will be hearing from the Lord to make excellent decisions for you and the family as best as he can. It also means that he will always have your best interests in mind when decisions need to be made.

This however does not mean he’s perfect. Nor does it mean he always will make the best decisions. This is where Godly submission comes in. It is our job as a the wife to support and encourage our husband even if we don’t totally agree with his decision. telling him off, belittling him and reminding him of his mistakes is not submission – its sabotage.

Now another thing to clarify: Submission to the husband does not exclude the wife. God has designed her in such a way that the man needs her. This is the whole purpose. All the wisdom, instincts and discernment that God has given her is for the benefit of the husband, for her to be his helper. Meaning he NEEDS help! Truly, a godly husband would not think to make any decision without the counsel of his wife.  She is extremely valuable to his well being and honestly if he trusts her then any decision in which the wife is against for any reason should be reconsidered and prayed about thoroughly. However there will definitely be times when a decision will need to be made and one person will have to make the “executive decision” for the family. I am so thankful that I waited for Gods blessing in this because I can fully trust my man to make God driven decisions. There are things that I may not want to do but if he feels that’s the way God wants us to do, I can put my feelings and emotions aside and support my husband knowing he seeks only my ultimate best, and God’s Ultimate Glory.

Girls: I can not encourage you enough to wait for a mighty man of God. Wait for the one He can bless. When God is blessing your union there will be nothing that is beyond His control to fix, work out and intervene in. A union that welcomes and invites the Lord to be the Head will be nothing short of a worldly example of Christ’s marriage to us the church.