When I started writing this blog back in November 2012 I had been dating my husband for about 3 months and was not yet engaged.  4 Months later on March 4th, 2013 he proposed and on July 28th, 2013  at 10am we were married! So a lot has happened in the less than 12 month since I started writing this journal. I’m studying – hardcore! I’m preparing and learning as much as I can for marriage and what I can do to be the wife my husbands needs and even more importantly the wife God created me to be!

I’m striving to be an excellent wife. Striving to be a Godly wife. I want to be better for my husband than he is able to be on his own.

My desire is to be the help meet that no one else can be for him. That’s my greatest call as a woman created in the image of God.

I began this journey and I had been looking to God to mature me and grow me up spiritually and as a woman for His Glory.  It started simply: I had given up hope of meeting a christian man in this country. (I had been living in Japan for 6 years at the time I left just after my 9th year!) I stopped trying, stopped looking, stopped being hopeful or expectant. Then God challenged me to live with expectation, He gave me scripture after scripture of hope! (my two faves: Isaiah 34:16  Romans 8:19)

I began to change my mind set, I woke up every single day with hope and expectation declaring aloud “Today is the day I am going to meet my husband!” I figured one of these days I was bound to be right!

I began to STUDY scripture. I mean hardcore study of every place a woman is written about, or marriage or husband, wife…whatever it is I used every resource and concordance I could get my hands on.

I bought a few books and borrowed tons more. God brought some excellent resources into my life to challenge me and help direct my thoughts upon Him and His ideas and ideals of marriage. (a couple that I really learned from: His Rules, God is Matchmaker, A Good Man is Hard to Find)

As I read and studied I came to find out that my ideas of marriage were all wrong! They were selfish and motivated by culture and expectations, dreams and fairy-tales. Once I got my thoughts right I was so content in being single and just happy to be a woman of God…willing to do whatever I could for Him and with Him! I didn’t lose the hope or expectation, I just didn’t focus on wanting a husband, I put my focus on Jesus for a change.

Then he found me! Our story is amusing to me…and most people I tell.  but I never wanted a typical story anyhow!

I’m Bree, I am Canadian, I spent nearly a decade in Nagoya, Japan and now divide my time between family in Canada and waiting for my American Immigration visa to process. Serving the Lord is my greatest desire and pleasing Him more than anything is my life goal. Now He is giving me the opportunity and responsibility to serve Him as a wife. I accepted the challenge with fear and trembling…and a lot of love and excitement for the great man that God has entrusted to me.

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  1. Bree, oh my goodness! I read some of your posts on this new blog and I can’t even choose the right words to tell you how happy I am for you. I want to write some more but will need to email you so I don’t write a novel here. In the meantime though I just want to send you the warmest congratulations on the journey you’ve made with God so far and the blessings He has brought your way. Today you reminded me of that post that inspired you and for that I thank you now, because you reminded me to keep the faith, love, and belief God has in me alive. Many hugs and blessings to you!

    • Thank you so very much! I wanted to share with you whats been going on but wasn’t sure if that was weird haha 🙂 But I am forever thankful for that post you wrote. It helped me in so many ways. God is so awesome like that!!

      • It wasn’t weird at all and I’m so happy that you took the time to share. God is absolutely amazing!! Seeing that post again reminded me to continue with my faith in Him and His plans for me and to not forget that He made me for something unique and special. While my post helped you in so many ways, you have helped me in so many as well. God works in amazing ways!

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