Meal Menu Monday

Hi everyone!!

I am sitting here, making my grocery list and meal menu for the week and I have to share that I am SO excited about or “new” fridge!!! It is a full western size fridge!! I am now able to  pre-cook and freeze food and really stock up from week to week. I am very grateful for my friends who sadly have moved to Australia but have generously given us this fridge! Now we just have to figure out what to do with the other one…. not as easy of a task in Japan and very expensive. It works out for both parties though, it was cheaper for them to give us the fridge and not have to pay for disposal and it will be cheaper for us to dispose of the small fridge then it would have been to buy a full size one (and get rid of the small one!) so win-win!

This week the temperature is expected to drop a bit to the mid-teens (50s for my American friends and family) So I have been looking for some warm hearty meals to start us into the cooler temps. We have been blessed to have very warm months this fall. It’s already November and I still am only wearing a light jacket in the evenings.

Our menu this week looks like this:

Monday Lunch: Chicken breast, consume vegetable soup, soy beans, cut fruit, mixed nuts, and I juiced some fruits and veggies together to make an after-gym drink for Sweets. (Spinach, pineapple, kiwi, strawberry and carrots)

Dinner: cheese-burger casserole,  green salad

Tuesday Lunch: left over casserole, mixed veggies in marinade, cut fruits, granola bar

Dinner: Chilli and baguette, tossed salad with sour cream and avocado

Wednesday Lunch: No cook day!

Dinner:  fruit pie and apple cider dessert – Restaurant for dinner with friends visiting from Singapore, dessert at our place afterwards

Thursday Lunch: Left over chili, bread and crackers, cut fruit

Dinner: Slow cooker chicken in mushroom soup , steamed spinach, asparagus and carrots

Friday Lunch: beef stir-fry, soy beans, cut fruit, mixed nuts

Dinner: Ramen soup with corn and bean sprouts, steamed broccoli and gioza

Saturday Lunch: Ham and cheese melt sandwich, corn soup, soy beans

Dinner: Chicken and steak fajita, pumpkin soup

Sunday: No Cook day!!


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