The Bikini Question

Should women of God be wearing bikinis? This is not one of those legalistic “should” questions but simply personal opinions about a christian woman’s conduct and apparel.

The reason I ask is because the other day when my husband and I were headed to the beach I grabbed my box of swim suits out of the closet to choose the perfect one for our romantic picnic/day on the beach. I decided to go with a red, hibiscus print, Calvin Klein, skirted bottom bikini that I had been saving for just this occasion (tags still on!)

Excitedly I got changed and looked at myself – it was super cute! I felt confident and ready to give my skin some much-needed salt and sun (my skin always looks amazing after a day at the beach!) But then instead of continuing to feel confident as I ran around the house looking for my flip-flops, sun hat , parasol and beach towels.. I felt rather shy and for lack of better description – territorial. Not my territory but my husbands.

Suddenly I felt uncomfortable…as if I was exposing things that belonged to my husband for the world/other men to see. I have never thought this way about my bathing suits before. I mean I have always worn bikinis for the main reason that I have extremely long legs and a short torso, one piece swimsuits just are not a comfortable fit for the way my body is made.  And my bikini choices would not in typical circles be considered “skimpy” or even raise eye brows. So whats the deal?

Apparently a lot more changed when I got married then I had expected. Or maybe God’s just finally putting His finger on an area of my life I previously was ignorant about. Either way I simply have no desire to wear a bikini in public again. I have a few other two piece swim suits – Tankini and shorts or skirt styles and a body-suit style that I wear to take my preschool class to the pool every week for swimming lessons. These are my choice swimsuits to wear now – even at the beach!

I wonder if anyone else has experienced this as well? Is this because of my newly married status? Am I really just aware now that this body of mine belongs to my husband and his eyes only and I do not want to share any part of it with other people at all?

Or is it possible that I just have finally woken up to the fact that society has made my bra and underwear out of fast-dry material, called it a swim suit and made it acceptable and “expectable” to wear them out in public? I am not sure but I am rather shocked  by my instant and complete rejection of the bikini,  I am 30 years old this is not anything that has ever crossed my mind before. Times are definitely changing!

Would love to hear anyone else’s opinion on the swimsuit topic pro bikini or con – No judgement here! Just friendly, Godly women talking about our own convictions and opinions in our freedom with Christ.

Thanks and Blessings to you!



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